Get yourself certified in SAP Successfactors Employee Central

This is a small Guide to the process I followed, getting myself certified in SAP Successfactors Employee Central.

Step 1:
Register yourself in
Get an access to SAP Learning Hub.

Step 2:
Login into -> click on browse catalogue -> Human Capital Management (Cloud, Hybrid, On Premise). SAP updates this section based on new releases with the whole course plan. Search for Employee Central.

Course path

Step 3:
Login to SAP Learning Hub and add the following courses to your learning content:

  1. Search – THR80 – Introduction to SAP SuccessFactors Academy (E-Learning THR80e_EN_Col71)
  2. Search – THR81 – SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Academy (E-Learning THR81e_EN_Col71)
  3. Search – HR811 – SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Administration (E-Learning HR811e_EN_Col71)

Step 4:
Join the following Learning Rooms:

  1. Introduction to SAP SuccessFactors Academy Learning Room (OLR LR-THR80)
  2. SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central HCM Academy Learning Room (OLR LR-THR81)

Step 5:
Download the SAP Implementation Guide from for SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central.

Step 6:
Schedule an Exam for the Employee Central certification from -> Access to Certification.
Schedule your Exam 2 weeks later.
Believe me this is the most important step to getting yourself certified. It really gets you going once you have a countdown.

Step 7: Estimated Time – 8 days
Go through all the three courses in the Learning Hub in Step 3.
Make sure to understand each an every section of the Course.
I preferred writing down notes of all the major points. Writing really helps me remember stuffs quickly.
It would be great if your company has provided you with an access to an instance. As in between courses there are recorded demos of config changes. You can also try that yourself in the instance. This really helps you remember the process/steps followed for each config change.

Step 8: Estimated Time – 4 days
Read through the whole Implementation Guide that you downloaded in Step 5. There are certain important sections that is not covered in the Learning Hub courses and you need to read through this guide to understand.
Make sure to go through the special Notes mentioned in pink boxes.

Step 9:
There are a lot of Sample Questions available on net.
Go through them to get a feel of what sort of questions are asked in the Exam.

Step 10:
Get your System Tested 1 day prior to giving your Exam. I did the Mistake of not checking my system and as a result my exam got abandoned due to some technical issues and I had to reschedule next day.
SAP uses questionmark app for their examination process. Now this app requires a list of pre-installed software and settings in your system.
If you find any issue you can reach out to the technical support in the link mentioned on the Exam Appointment Page.


About the Exam:
Its a Proctored Exam which requires access to your webcam and audio in the system.
The Start Exam link appears 15 mins before the Exam start time.
You can connect and start the verification process.
You have to carry two Government ID proofs, which you have to show in the webcam to your proctor.
Then your proctor would ask you to show the whole room you are in to check its clean and you are alone.
There should not be any disturbance in between, phones on silent, no external person in the room or else the proctor might cancel the exam.
I booked one of my office meeting rooms to give my exam.
After the verification process. The Proctor will activate your Start Exam Link and you can begin your exam.
In case you get disconnected in between for more than 5 mins the exam is cancelled, so make sure you don’t have internet issues in between.
There is a whole set of other information mentioned in the certification site. You can check it out.

About the Questions:
All are multiple choice question with some of them having more than one correct answer.
There are total 80 Questions with a time limit of 3 hours.
The passing mark is 70%.
There are no negative marking.
Once you complete your exam you can directly see the result.
You will receive your Certification on your registered e-mail in 3-4 days from SAP.

For more info on sample Question and materials you can contact me on my linkedin profile. I will be happy to share all the my materials.

Good Luck and Happy Learning.


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